Food Gnomes is a mobile food pantry serving the Greater Buffalo Area. We are a joint effort between the Jewish community, the Hindu Community, and members of Pilgrim St. Luke’s United Church of Christ. We work together with community members, people of Faith, social workers, and students to bring food to the hungry.

Food Gnomes steps in where traditional food pantries fail. While traditional food pantries often require residency within a certain zip code, request/require documentation of financial need, and often require identification (which not everyone has), Food Gnomes operates on a simple one-question format:

“Are you hungry?”

If the answer is “yes,” then we provide food & hygiene products, no questions asked.

We are entirely volunteer driven, and rely on the donation of the goods that we then drive out to deliver in the community.

We do not care about your legal status. We do not care about and do not need to see any kind of documentation. We only care about you as a person who needs some help.

Please understand as a ministry and mission with no budget, that there are times when we may not have food, or hygiene products, or a specific kind of food or hygiene product(s) to give – but we do our best to go out every other weekend. Please be patient with us if it takes us a bit to return your call, we will get back to you! If you have friends in need, please pass on our contact information.

Yours in Service,

The Food Gnomes