About Us

About Us

Who are we?

We come from a variety of backgrounds, faiths, traditions.

Who are you?

We only ask one question: “Are you hungry?”

Radical Transparency, Radical Acceptance & Radical Service

Some have asked, “How do we know where our donations go if you won’t give us the names of your clients and if you don’t keep records of who you feed?” To  them we say, “Volunteer with us, please!” The easiest way to understand how our organization’s view of radical transparency works is to join us, to bag cans, to drive them to the needy, and to meet those we serve, their families, and their children face to face.

We serve existing clients of the Social Workers who volunteer with us. We also serve the hungry person who comes up to us on the street and asks for food (and we are thankful for the opportunity to do so). We serve college students who are from out-of-state and therefore do not have the proper ID to make use of local food pantries. We serve college students who are from in-state and don’t have a car, or a means to get to a food pantry. We serve those who have crossed borders, by whatever means, to escape war, famine, and persecution, and who may not have the necessary identification to register at a food pantry. We serve the elderly who may not be able to leave their homes. In short, we serve all of God’s children who are hungry, and who ask for food, regardless of their financial or perceived financial means.

Some have asked us “Aren’t you worried someone’s going to cheat the system? What if someone doesn’t really need food? What if they really have money?” And to them we say “We’re not worried!” We have found very few instances of someone “using” the system. When someone does, it is often because they are also dealing with mental health issues. We believe that if someone says they need food, then they need food, and we will feed them. That’s why our question is so very simple: “Are you hungry?” Yes? Then we will feed you.

We leave the judgement to God.

How are you run?

We run our organization on the principles of mutualism, shared governance, and egalitarianism. Everyone in our organization has an equal voice in how we are run. Our organization is run following the principles of Trauma Informed Care.

How did this all start?

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